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2017 FACRL Conference Scholarship Winners

Each year the FACRL Board of Directors awards up to three scholarships to students enrolled in an ALA accredited institution to attend the FACRL Annual Meeting. The scholarship award includes a $300 stipend to cover travel and hotel accommodations, a complementary conference registration, and a 1-year membership to FACRL. 

The 2018 scholarship application opens in July 2018.

Adam Berkowitz

Adam Berkowitz is a Graduate teaching assistant and MLIS student at the University of South Florida and Vice President of the Student Chapter of the American Library Association at the University of South Florida.  Adam was recently awarded the Florida Library Association Conference Scholarship by the Suncoast Information Specialists, and the Institute of Jazz Studies Archives Fellowship by Rutgers University Libraries.  While attending the 2017 FACRL Conference, Adam hopes to learn how he can be a better advocate for information literacy in an attempt to dissuade the spread of misinformation, fake news, and alternative facts especially on social media platforms where memes and unvetted articles are often regarded as truth. Adam also looks forward to networking with other library professionals who share the same goals.

Jessica Black

Jessica Black is the Acquisitions Specialist at Stetson University’s duPont-Ball Library. Currently, she is working towards her Masters in Information Science from Florida State University. Her career interest lies in library management, and by the end of this fall semester, she will have completed a certificate in information leadership and management.  Jessica is particularly excited about this year’s conference as she has a research interest in the information literacy education of generations born into the Web 2.0 world and how libraries are adapting to serve this patron base. She is grateful to the FACRL Board for the opportunity to attend and thanks her Stetson colleagues for their support

Alexandra Flores

Alexandra Flores is an MLIS Candidate at the University of South Florida and has received a B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing from Florida State University. She is also the 2017/2018 ALA President of the USF Student Organization of Library and Information Science. Currently, she works at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg’s Nelson Poynter Memorial Library as a Research and Instruction Library Assistant. She has designed and instructed workshops on Fake News & Evaluating Media Sources, and has created the university’s LibGuide, “Fake News, Propaganda, and Information Literacy.” Her research interests are divided between the fields of journalism and library science and focus on academic library marketing, outreach, and information news literacy. She is beyond thrilled at being chosen as one of three FACRL Scholarship winners and relishes in the opportunity to explore and learn the intricacies of Fake News and Digital Literacy from experts in the academic librarian field.

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