FACRL 2021 Conference Program

Friday October 15, 2021 


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Morning Coffee/Icebreaker Session

Welcome & Scholarship Winners

Opening Keynote Speaker, Rudy Jean‑Bart​: Courage, Consciousness, & Cultivation

Live Presentation Session 1 (3 concurrent tracks)

Coffee break

Live Presentation Session 2 (3 concurrent tracks)

Poster Session sponsored by Wolters Kluwer

Lunch & Learn Session with EBSCO

Live Presentation Session 3 (3 concurrent tracks)

What’s Your IDEA?: Making Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Personal

Coffee break

Lightning Round Session

Closing Remarks

Happy hour/Trivia (optional)

Concurrent Tracks

  • Track A: Accessibility & Disability (Zoom Room A)
  • Track B: Outreach & Instruction (Zoom Room B)
  • Track C: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (Zoom Room C)

Opening Keynote Address (Zoom Room A)

Courage, Consciousness, & Cultivation 

Rudy Jean-BartProf. Rudy Jean-Bart
Interim Associate Dean of the Criminal Justice area at Broward College

Courage has been foundational to the most transformative moments in our nation’s history. It is not just a courage to stand, but also a courage to seek, that has forged a path towards our better selves. It is a society’s willingness to be aware of uncomfortable truths that leads to creating a community that is more inclusive. It is the librarian that is both courageous and aware, that our society needs to cultivate the communities we want, and desperately need.

Speaker Bio

Rudy Jean-Bart is a native of Miami, Florida and is currently the Interim Associate Dean of Criminal Justice at Broward College. Prior to that, Rudy served as an Assistant Professor of History at Broward College's South Campus where he taught American History and African American History. Jean-Bart was the 2015-2016 Broward College South Campus Professor of the Year. He is the founder and CEO of Rudy Jean-Bart Inc. which affords him the opportunity to do motivational speeches as well as presentations discussing education, entrepreneurship, history, and race.

In 2017, Rudy was allotted the opportunity to be a fellow of the Broward County Chapter of the New Leaders Council. In May of 2018, Jean-Bart became a TEDx Speaker as he spoke on the subject: “The Pseudoscience That Can Kill My Son”. Jean-Bart was a Broward College Aspen Faculty Innovation Grant recipient during the 2017-2018 academic year and the SOTL Innovation Grant in the academic year of 2018-2019. In 2019, he was awarded the Gaddis Corporation Endowed Teaching Chair. In 2020, Rudy launched January 1st Productions which is a podcast network. Its first podcast, Life's Classroom, launched in April and is available on many platforms. Rudy was also recently selected by Legacy Magazine as one of South Florida's "40 Under 40: Black Leaders of Today and Tomorrow" for 2020. Rudy currently serves as chair to Broward College's newly formed Advisory Council for the Advancement of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (ACADEI).

For more information about Prof. Jean-Bart:

Track A: Accessibility & Disability (Zoom Room A)

All sessions in Track A will convene in Zoom Room A at the designated time. 

Time Session

10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

Increasing Accessibility of the Academic Hiring Process

Presenters: Gail Betz, Research and Education Librarian at the University of Maryland, Baltimore

According to ALA, a survey in 2010 found that only 3.7% of librarians identify as disabled, far below the national estimates of 20% of the US population. This presentation will discuss findings from interviews with disabled librarians about their experiences with the academic hiring process. Attendees will gain an understanding of the social construct of disability, how it impacts disabled librarians during recruitment, and what aspects of recruitment can be modified to accommodate our colleagues’ experiencing disability. 

11:25 AM - 12:10 PM

Rethinking Accessibility Design Practices in Libraries

Presenters: Cristina Colquhoun, Instructional Design and Online Learning Librarian; Kathy Essmiller, OER Librarian; Holly Reiter, Director, Library Teaching and Learning, Oklahoma State University

It’s not uncommon for libraries to relegate accessibility to designated individuals who remediate content after the fact. This workflow can be inefficient, centers compliance instead of equity, and may cause “othering.” In this presentation, participants will explore reframing library accessibility to normalize accessibility practices within every role and process.

1:30 PM - 2:15 PM

Promoting Inclusion for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities through Book Clubs

Presenters: Leah Plocharczyk, Director John D. MacArthur Campus Library, Florida Atlantic University Libraries

The presentation presents a unique case study of a book club for college students with ID at an academic library, and it offers a model for broad adaptation to different libraries and other educational efforts. The presentation will offer history, methodology, data, assessment and discussion of the book club to show how it can be adapted at low cost to a wide variety of educational environments and how those with ID can be integrated into learning communities.

Track B: Outreach & Instruction Track (Zoom Room B)

All sessions in Track B will convene in Zoom Room B at the designated time. 

Time Session

10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

The Critical One-shot: How can we model antiracist pedagogy in our library classrooms?

Presenters: Shatha Baydoun, Learning & Research Services Librarian, and Ava Brillat, Learning & Research Services Librarian, University of Miami

For many library staff, instruction is an integral part of professional practice. One-shot instruction means different things in different contexts. For this interactive presentation, the presenters will provide a transferable exercise that could be repurposed in the time constraints of a one-shot in order to accomplish critical pedagogy-based learning objectives: being actively antiracist and developing attitudinal shifts through critical evaluation in instructional activities. Presenters will then facilitate discussion and work to help audience members engage in critical pedagogy as a potential first step towards developing comfort with antiracist, inclusive teaching.

11:25 AM - 12:10 PM

Braving our Blind Spots: Using a Virtual Book Discussion Group to Continue Conversations on Implicit Bias in Libraries

Presenters: Kelsa Bartley, Education and Outreach Librarian, Calder Medical Library, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

This presentation will share insights gained from hosting virtual gatherings for 3 years with over 350 librarians across the country on the topic of implicit bias. Discover how the MLA Reads program created safe spaces to learn, discuss, and process the implications of biases on the information profession and personal lives.

1:30 PM - 2:15 PM

Representation Matters: Increasing Awareness and Access to LGBTQIA+ Stories

Presenters: Heather Snapp, Outreach Librarian; Melissa Minds VandeBurgt, Associate Director, Head of Archives and Special Collections, Florida Gulf Coast University

Librarians at FGCU Library have sought opportunities to make their collections more inclusive. The presenters will share details of the library’s collaborations with the LGBTQIA+ community, results of a comparison study, and the ongoing efforts to develop library collections that are representative of their student and community population.

Track C: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Track (Zoom Room C)

All sessions in Track C will convene in Zoom Room C at the designated time. 

Time Session

10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

Creating a meaningful Native American land acknowledgment for your institution

Presenters: Emily Zoe Mann, Assistant Librarian, University of South Florida (St. Petersburg)

This session will present on how the library at the University of South Florida’s St. Petersburg led the campus to adapting a Native American land acknowledgment with input from stakeholders including the Seminole Tribe. It will include steps taken at our campus and allow participants to think about how they can use similar efforts to work towards a meaningful land acknowledgment.

11:25 AM - 12:10 PM

DEI Training: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Presenters: Elaina Norlin, Professional Development/DEI Coordinator, Association of Southeastern Research Libraries

Nearly two-thirds of colleges and universities offer diversity trainings for faculty, staff, and students each year for an annual estimate of over 280 million dollars. Yet, racial trauma, bias incidents, and hate crimes on college campuses are on the continual rise. Although diversity training does not work, this does not mean the problem cannot be solved. Let’s move beyond popular “drive by” diversity training sessions to create change that supports an inclusive workplace for everyone.

1:30 PM - 2:15 PM

A Conversation with DEI Librarians: What We Learned

Presenters: Denelle Eads, University of North Carolina, Charlotte; Colise Hunt, East Carolina University; Michael S. Fitts, University of Alabama Birmingham; Kristine J. Shrauger, University of Central Florida

Regardless of an institution's mission, vision, and goals that are used to implement diversity and inclusion initiatives, DEI librarians have one commonality—their roles, responsibilities, and leadership represent what diversity is all about –they are all different. Learn what this task force discovered after interviewing various DEI librarians.

Interactive Poster Session

Poster Presentations

All poster sessions will take place from 12:10 PM - 12:40 PM

Poster previews and author introductions are available here, with individual 30-minute zoom sessions for Q&A with presenters. Q&A sessions will convene in the designated Zoom Rooms as indicated below. The FACRL 2021 Poster Session is generously sponsored by Wolters Kluwer.

Zoom Room Poster

Zoom Room A

Poster Preview & Introduction

Supporting Accessible LibGuide Design through a Large-Scale Review

Presenters: Lisa Campbell, Instruction and Outreach Librarian, University of Florida; Brittany Kester, Education Librarian, University of Florida

To assist our colleagues in improving the accessibility of their LibGuides, we employed two student workers to conduct a large-scale review of 69 LibGuides using a rubric designed for this purpose. Our interactive poster session will outline the method used for evaluating LibGuides, the limitations and lessons learned, and the considerations for future efforts.

Zoom Room B

Poster Preview & Introduction

Best Practices for Equal Access to Library Online Events

Presenters: Kestrel Ward, Evening & Weekend Services Manager, Architecture and Fine Arts Library, University of Florida; Twanna Hodge, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Librarian, University of Florida

This presentation will describe our library system’s process of creating guidelines for providing auto-transcriptioning and the more accurate Live-Captioning services for library events, situations in which one technology may be preferable, current legal accessibility requirements, and best practices for providing equal access to virtual presentations, trainings and meetings.

Zoom Room C

Poster Preview & Introduction

Using Diversity Codes for a Retrospective Assessment of an Academic Library Collection

Presenters: Melissa Gonzalez, Collection Development Coordinator, University of West Florida

Aspiring to provide users with resources that reflect the diversity of our community in support of both academic pursuits and personal enrichment, this poster highlights the use of topical-based codes to measure the percentage of monographs that represent something other than the experiences of white, heteronormative, non-disabled males.

Zoom Room D

Poster Preview & Introduction

Assessing the Information Literacy Skills, Behaviors, and Perceptions of Minoritized Students Versus Non-Minoritized Students

Presenters: Danielle Campbell, Librarian/Associate Professor, Palm Beach State College

A research study is being designed to assess the digital and information literacy skills, behaviors, and perceptions of minoritized students. This poster session will cover a literature review of information literacy assessment instruments and explore methods for determining which assessment best meets the needs of the research study.

Zoom Room E

Poster Preview & Introduction

Text Mining a University Transgender Movement: Analyzing 47 Years of Campus Newspaper Coverage

Stacey Ewing (Chair, Library West) and Colleen Seale (Associate Chair, Library West) - University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries

This poster will present a pictorial and historical review and timeline of the transgender movement at our university, based on the results of a content analysis of the student-run campus newspaper from 1973-2020. Background, methodology, key findings, and next steps of this research project will also be presented.

Zoom Room F

Poster Preview & Introduction

Ignorance is not an option: Recruiting and hiring for a faculty that legitimately values inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility

Presenters: Ian Barba, Research, Instruction, and Outreach Librarian; Heidi Winkler, Digital Services Librarian; Carrye Syma, Assistant Academic Dean, Texas Tech University

Despite well-intentioned statements of commitment for diversity, academic libraries struggle to build a culture that can meet that commitment. However, faculty search committees have a significant amount of soft power to advance their institutional culture with every new hire, and they should use that power with purpose.

Zoom Room G

Poster Preview & Introduction

Autism spectrum disorder: Training and assessing academic librarians' knowledge

Presenters: Blake Robinson, Business Librarian, Rollins College; Amelia Anderson, Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University

Students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often need additional support at colleges and universities compared with their neurotypical peers. This poster will discuss the training and follow-up survey the authors administered to librarians at a small liberal arts college in Central Florida, introducing the respondents to ASD and academic libraries.

Lunch and Learn Session with EBSCO

Please join us for a casual lunch-and-learn session about library analytics! In this session, we will provide an introduction and overview of Panorama, EBSCO’s newest library analytics platform. Librarians oftentimes rely on a patchwork system of Excel spreadsheets and other tools to manage their library data, and struggle to devote the time necessary to carry out detailed analyses of user engagement with library resources, and the library’s broader value to the institution. We realize that each librarian has a story to tell, and with EBSCO’s Panorama, we want to provide librarians with a best-in-class platform from which they can tell their story with data on-demand.

What’s Your IDEA?: Making Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Personal - Zoom Room A

Group Discussion

Session leaders: 

  • Elana Karshmer, FACRL President, Head of Information & Research Services, Florida International University
  • Rachel Cooke, FACRL President-Elect, University Librarian, Education & the Arts, Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Cristy Moran, FACRL Secretary, Broward College
  • Julie Hornick, FACRL Board Member, Librarian, Instructional Services, Florida Southern College

This program will provide a space for reflection on and responses to what attendees have encountered relating to IDEA at this year’s FACRL conference. Participants will have time to discuss the concepts presented by Dr. Rudy Jean-Bart, this year’s keynote speaker, and are invited to share any activities, projects or initiatives happening at their institutions that support IDEA. Finally, session participants will be encouraged to consider how they plan to respond to these issues on a personal/professional level. Come prepared to talk, share, or just listen and absorb!

Any resources and websites shared by attendees will be posted on the FACRL website after the discussion so we can keep the momentum going!

Lightning Round Presentations - Zoom Room A

Lightning round presentations are quick, fast-paced, 5 minute presentations. All presentations will be presented from 3:10 PM - 3:55 PM in Zoom Room A in the order shown below.

Presentation Order Session

Lightning Talk #1

Our Pink Drink Chats: The Importance of Mentoring (Formal, Informal and Peer) 

Presenters: Twanna Hodge, DEI Librarian, University of Florida and Jamia Williams, Health Sciences Librarian, SUNY Brockport

Mentorship is a way to cultivate a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship with an individual through consistent nurturing with being vulnerable and honest about various topics. Sometimes these interactions need a Starbucks “pink drink” to help process challenging issues and situations. It allows us to commiserate, take a step back to re-frame the problem, and a brief respite from the demands of the work and personal commitments. It offers a space to engage in community care and support each other’s well-being. 

Lightning Talk #2

Diversity on Campus: Awareness and Knowledge about Our Newest Federal Holiday

Presenters: Winn W. Wasson, Social Science Librarian; Jessica M. Rice, Preservation Lab Supervisor, Syracuse University Libraries

In May 2021, Syracuse University’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion asked Syracuse University Libraries to prepare a reading list about Juneteenth. Library employees quickly assembled resources for each day of the 19-day campus celebration.  We discuss our working process, lessons learned for future collaborations, and reflections on the holiday’s future.

Lightning Talk #3

Writing DEI policies for Technical Services Cataloging

Presenters: Liza Campbell, Head of Technical Services, University of West Florida

Writing policy for Technical Services/Cataloging departments to include training, professional development, and extra time for research in DEI issues is essential in ethical cataloging.  In this presentation, I'll point to resources that aggregate the policies of other TS and archives departments to aid in writing policies for your TS departments.

Lightning Talk #4

Scanning the Possibilities of DEIJ and Library-related Training Programming

Presenters: Cynthia Digby, Training Program Manager; Twanna Hodge, DEI Librarian, Genevia Chamblee-Smith, DEIJ Intern, University of Florida Libraries

To prepare for a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) Training Program for our library employees, we undertook an environmental scan of 40 library-related organization websites. We were interested in DEIJ statements, upcoming DEIJ related training opportunities and topics, and competencies organizations were mapping their educational opportunities to. Join us to hear key findings. 

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