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Any group of ten or more members of the Chapter, representing a field or activity of interest and within the scope of the Chapter’s field of interest, may organize a group upon receiving approval from the Board of Directors. Interest groups shall be open to all members free of charge and composed only of Chapter members.

Potential interest groups (IG) are encouraged to contact the current FACRL president with the purpose, scope, and a list of active members in order to establish an IG.  The president will forward the request to the Board of Directors for approval.  A newly formed IG should elect a convener and a co-convener (if desired) for a fixed term, as determined by members. IGs should regularly elect conveners at the end of terms or when a position is vacant.  The names of all conveners should be sent to the FACRL board for approval and to be posted to the FACRL website. A board liaison may be appointed by the board if needed. 

Upon establishing an IG, every June the FACRL board will include a recruitment call for interest group members with their regular volunteer recruiting, but members can join at any time. 

Any requests for funding from FACRL should be forwarded to the board for review and approval. 

The IG will submit an annual report and any meeting minutes to the FACRL board in October, which may be posted on the FACRL website. If the IG shows no sign of activity for two years, it will automatically cease to exist and be removed from the list of active IGs.

Although there is no expectation that an IG will create a proposal for the annual conference, host a meeting at the annual conference, or sponsor a workshop, members are encouraged to consider those possible activities as effective vehicles for sharing expertise and providing leadership opportunities. An IG could form simply as a way for association members to converse with each other about their specialties.  Conveners should reach to the FACRL communications chair if they want to explore a way to communicate beyond e-mail.

Members should follow the ACRL Online Code of Conduct https://connect.ala.org/acrl/codeofconduct and reach out to the FACRL board with any concerns or questions.

The Florida Association of College & Research Libraries (FACRL) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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