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2017 FACRL Annual Conference

Fake News and Digital Literacy:

The Academic Library’s Role in Shaping Digital Citizenship

Tampa Bay History Center - Tampa, Florida

Friday, October 20, 2017


Teaching Information Literacy Skills to Help College Students Identify Fake News This presentation describes some of the best practices for teaching students how to identify fake news from digital sources while developing the information literacy skills set forth in the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Framework and other tools, and also looks at the psychology behind student disconnect. (Presentation handout)

Presenters: Lauri C. Rebar, Associate University Librarian, Jillian R. Powers, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Teaching and Learning, and Ann T. Musgrove, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, Teaching and Learning; Florida Atlantic University

Programming for Media Literacy and Social Justice: Experience from the Field in a Joint-Use Partnership Library In the wake of the 2016 election, faculty and public librarians at North Regional/Broward College Library developed media literacy, social justice, and community engagement programming. They will speak to their experience coordinating these events from why to how. They also reflect on outcomes, including surprising successes and lessons learned.

Presenters: Victor Lawrence, Faculty Librarian and Cristy Moran, Faculty Librarian; Broward College, and Christopher Jordan, Librarian; Broward County Library

How to Use Critical Thinking and the ACRL Framework to Identify Fake News This session allows attendees to engage in a 25-minute instructional session that combines critical thinking and the ACRL Framework to identify sources of fake news. It also includes a presentation providing learning objectives and forms of assessment that instructors can implement into their own library classes.

Presenter: Jeffrey Phillips, Instruction and Learning Services LibrarianFlorida State University

Science Miscommunication: Impacting Digital Citizenship with Information Literacy Librarians from the University of Florida partnered with community organizations to offer a series of workshops entitled “Fake News: Science Edition.” The workshop's goal was to empower citizens in determining the credibility of their science news. This presentation will outline the public workshops and lessons learned in presenting this series. 

Presenter: Samuel Putnam, Engineering Librarian; Marston Science Library, University of Florida

Framing up Digital Literacy: Reviewing and Reframing Information Literacy Modules When it comes time to update Information Literacy modules it can be a daunting task to know where to start. This presentation will explore utilizing the ACRL Information Literacy Framework to identify skill gaps in the modules, create learner centered experiences and incorporate 21st century literacy skills. (Presentation handout)

Presenters: Christina C. Wray, Digital Learning and Engagement Librarian and Rachel Mulvihill, Head of Teaching and Engagement; University of Central Florida


Stop! Don’t Share That Story!: Designing a Pop-Up Undergraduate Workshop on Fake News Social media is often seen as the fuel behind the firestorm of fake news. Instruction Librarians at Florida Southern College will discuss the design and structure of a “pop-up” class for students on fake news, with particular emphasis on sharing and social media. 

Presenters: Steven Wade, Instructional Services Librarian and Julie Hornick, Instructional Services Librarian; Florida Southern College

Focus on the Facts: News Literacy in the Classroom Library Instruction Focus on the Facts provides a summary of Indian River State College’s news literacy program created by librarians and implemented in partnership with instructional faculty. This includes engaging examples of supplementary resources created by IRSC Librarians, student work, and sample assignments that can be scaled to any news literacy program.

Presenters: Mia Tignor and Angie Neely-Sardon; Indian River State College

Leveraging the Framework: Transforming Information Literacy Learning on Campus Stetson University librarians used the Framework to overhaul information literacy in the general education curriculum. Learn how we revised the Standards-based learning outcome and rubric to align with the Framework. Hear about professional development created to engage librarians with the Framework to focus on students’ metaliteracy skills during reference interactions. 

Presenters: Grace Kaletski-Maisel, Learning and Information Literacy Librarian and Assistant Professor and Jennifer Corbin, Director of Public Services and Assistant Professor; Stetson University

News Literacy: Applications for the Classroom and Beyond Discover how librarians use Guide-on-the-Side and the ECHO Active Learning Platform to increase the information literacy skills of students across disciplines. Lessons incorporate active learning tools to increase students’ understanding of sources, provide students a voice in debate on authority, and increase students’ ability to evaluate and ethically use information.

Presenter: Kendra Auberry, Faculty Librarian; Indian River State College, Pruitt Campus

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