FACRL Committees

Below is a list of FACRL standing and conference committees, including their charge
and current membership. 
If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact us today! 

Membership Committee

Charge: The Committee administers the FACRL membership lists including the annual request of an updated membership roster from ACRL. The committee identifies and plans membership recruitment opportunities and updates promotional membership materials.  

Co-Chairs: Lauri Rebar and Vera Spika

Board Liaison: Heather Bush

Ex Officio: Nancy Schuler

Committee Members:

Marketing & Communications Committee

Charge: The Committee fosters communication and dialogue among members pertaining to the issues and trends in academic librarianship, markets FACRL programming, and promotes the benefits of Association membership. Marketing and Communications Committee Guidelines

Chair: Jorge Perez

Board Liaison: Nancy Schuler
Committee Members:

Nominating Committee

Charge: The Committee administers the annual FACRL election cycle including candidate identification and recruitment, promotion of the election cycle, certification of election results, and candidate notification. Nominating Committee Guidelines.
Chair: Alyssa Koclanes, Past-President
Committee Members:

    Programming Committee

    Charge: The FACRL Programming Committee plans, coordinates, markets, and delivers programming, except for the FACRL Annual Conference, which is managed by the Conference Committee. (Charge is pending board approval)

    Chair: Cameron Riopelle
    Board Liaison: Rachel Cooke 
    Committee Members: 

    2021 Annual Conference Committees

    Conference Program Committee

    Charge: The FACRL Conference Program Committee plans, coordinates, markets, and delivers a program for the FACRL Annual Conference. Conference Program Committee Guidelines.
    Co-Chairs: John Reynolds and Clarissa West-White
    Board Liaison: Clarissa West-White
    Committee Members:

    Sponsorship Committee

    Charge: The FACRL Sponsorship Committee solicits vendor sponsorships for the FACRL Annual Conference. The Committee serves as a liaison between FACRL and corporate sponsors, ensures sponsor recognition, facilitates attendee interaction with corporate sponsors and ensures acknowledgment of donations received.
    Board Liaison: Valerie Boulos
    Committee Members

    Scholarship Committee

    Charge: The Committee administers the annual FACRL student scholarship application and award cycle including award promotion, application submission, receipt and evaluation, applicant notification and award distribution.  The Committee Chair also coordinates assigning each scholarship winner with a conference mentor from the FACRL Board who serves as a liaison between scholarship winners and the Board. Scholarship Committee Guidelines.
    Chair: Ava Brillat
    Board Liaison: Julie Hornick
    Committee Members:

    Virtual Conference Logistics Committee

    Charge: The Committee coordinates the logistics for the FACRL Virtual Annual Conference including management and trouble shooting of the virtual conference platform. Assist with the planning and organization of networking or social opportunities at the virtual conference. (Charge is pending Board approval) 
    Chair: Sandy Avila
    Board Liaison: Nancy Schuler
    Committee Members:

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