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2020 FACRL Annual Conference

Friday October 16, 2020 

09:00 AM - 09:15 AM

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Welcome & Opening Remarks, Scholarship Winners

Live Presentation Session 1 (3 tracks)

Live Presentation Session 2 (3 tracks)

Poster Session (interactive)


Lunch & Learn Session with the Wall Street Journal

Live Presentation Session 3 (3 tracks) 

Live Presentation Session 4 (3 tracks)

Lightning Round Session

Breakout Discussions

Closing Remarks

Presentation Session 1

Outreach Track - Zoom Room A

Virtually Awesome Library: Virtual Marketing and Outreach Efforts that Support and Engage Students and Faculty

Presenters: Nancy Tucker, M.L.I.S., Reference and Instruction Librarian and Assistant Professor; Olivia Hattan-Edwards, M.L.I.S., Systems Librarian and Assistant Professor (Jacksonville University, Carl S. Swisher Library)

In this presentation, attendees will hear about virtual library marketing and outreach efforts used to support and engage students and faculty. The presenters will also discuss: supporting students and faculty during the shift to an all-virtual environment, transitioning in-person library programs online, using social media to engage students, and more.

Instruction Track - Zoom Room B

“It Depends”: Negotiating Asynchronous Preferences for Online Library Instruction

Presenters: Jesse Klein, Ph.D. Social Sciences Research & Data Librarian; Dan (Brew) Schoonover, Director of Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities; and Mina Akbari (Florida State University)

Administration Track - Zoom Room C

(In)visible Forces: A Critical Management Studies Perspective on Managing Staff during a Crisis

Presenter: Silvia Vong, Head of Public Services (University of Toronto)

Critical Management Studies (CMS) is a field within management studies that draws on critical theories to identify (in)visible social, economic, and political structures that continually disadvantage and impact staff from marginalized groups. This session introduces and applies the CMS lens towards the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Presentation Session 2

Outreach Track - Zoom Room A

A Proactive Approach to Library Engagement in the Time of COVID-19

Presenters: Kendra Auberry, Librarian/Assistant Professor; Alexis Carlson, Librarian/Assistant Professor; Sara Johnson, Librarian/Instructor; Angie Neely-Sardon, Librarian/Instructor; Mia Tignor, Interim Administrative Director of Library Services; and Brett Williams, Librarian/Instructor (Indian River State College)

We will provide an overview of IRSC Libraries’ student-centered approach to switching to a fully online learning environment during COVID-19. We will share our decision-making, the list of services available, marketing efforts, and how our existing relationships across campus were an asset in making a smooth transition.

Instruction Track - Zoom Room B

Classes Are Online and So Are We! Adapting Experiential Learning to a Virtual Environment

Presenters: Jamie Segno, Assistant Director of Reference and Sarena Hicks, Reference/Outreach Librarian II (Nova Southeastern University)

This session will explore practical strategies and interactive tools to facilitate information literacy instruction in an engaging online learning environment. Discover how librarians at Nova Southeastern University assessed their traditional one-shot face-to-face instruction and adapted their experiential learning activities using effective low-tech, low-cost tools.

Administration Track - Zoom Room C

We Can Go the Distance: Transitioning Student Assistants to Remote Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Presenters: Brittany Kester, Education Librarian and Janice Dees, Access Services Manager (University of Florida)

This presentation describes how UF Education Library leadership advocated for student assistant employment during the Coronavirus shutdown. Social media, creative projects, and a metadata audit allowed student assistants to work remotely. The presenters will share their process, successes, unexpected challenges, and end with takeaways and a call to share.

Interactive Poster Session

Poster Presentations

Zoom Room A:

Escape to Your Campus: Designing a Virtual Escape Room for a Campus Community Separated by COVID-19

Presenters: Julie N. Hornick, Instructional Services Librarian; Randall M. MacDonald, Library Director; Marina Morgan, Metadata Librarian; Gerrianne Schaad, College Archivist; Steven Wade, Instructional Services Librarian (Florida Southern College)

During the COVID-19 quarantine, the librarians at Florida Southern College created the Vampire State Building virtual escape room to keep patrons across the campus community engaged in campus life from a distance. This poster shows how we developed the escape room using readily available, free online resources.

Zoom Room B:

Virtual Interest Clubs: Engaging the Larger University Community When Campuses are Closed

Presenters: Jennifer Corbin, Director of Public Services and Debbi Dinkins, Associate Dean of the Library (Stetson University)

Stetson University’s duPont-Ball Library closed to users at the end of March due to COVID-19. Librarians heard the call from university administrators to engage current students and incoming students over the summer in the hope that student retention and incoming class numbers met goals. Our answer was virtual interest clubs.

Zoom Room C:

Empty Campus: Providing Stress Relief From a Distance

Presenters: Bryan J. Sajecki, Undergraduate Education Librarian and Molly K. Maloney, Undergraduate Education Librarian (University of Buffalo)

With the shift to remote education, the University at Buffalo (UB) Undergraduate Education Librarians responsible for Stress Relief reshaped this outreach program with the goals to develop a unique LibGuide that incorporated engaging online equivalents of the activities and services typically provided and expand into additional online-only resources.

Zoom Room D:

Archiving a COVID-19 Collection of Communications

Presenter: Becky Fisher, MLS AHIP, Collection, Liaison, & Instruction Librarian (Advent Health University)

"Archiving a COVID-19 Collection of Communications" describes the process of gathering, converting, and saving communications for archival purposes. Lessons will be shared concerning the process of archiving the collection; attendees will be invited to consider possible digital collections that could be important for their universities in the future.

Zoom Room E:

Navigating Finals Week Support from Physical Places to Virtual Spaces

Presenters: Katiana Bagué, User Services Assistant; Mari Meke, User Services Assistant; Lisa Campbell, Instruction and Outreach Librarian; Sarah (Moxy) Moczygemba, Social Media Specialist, Hélène Huet, European Studies Librarian; April Hines, Journalism and Mass Communications Librarian; Jeanne Ewert, English and American Literature, Folklore, and Film Librarian; Ashley Monahan, Access & Resource Sharing Assistant, and Ash Vaught, Collection Services Manager (University of Florida)

This poster presentation will demonstrate how Library West’s Creative Team at UF created a resource-rich website for Virtual Finals Support during COVID-19. Additionally it will highlight how the site was communicated to students, and how the team was able to extend their finals support and campus resources to distance learners.

Zoom Room F:

Sustaining Connectivity & Shifting To Remote Services During the COVID-19 Crisis: Stories from the UCF Libraries

Presenter: Sandy Avila, Science Librarian; Corinne Bishop, Graduate Outreach Librarian; and Barbara Tierney, Department Head, Research & Information Services (University of Central Florida)

Our poster illustrates how the UCF Libraries’ Research & Information Services (RIS) Department maintained high-quality services during the COVID-19 campus wide closures this spring/summer. It will also highlight the reopening of our reference desk this fall and examples of professional skills training provided to staff while working remotely.

Presentation Session 3

Outreach Track - Zoom Room A

SASC-Watch: Creating Virtual Visits to Special Collections

Presenters: Suzan Alteri, Curator; Neil Weijer, Curator; and Sarah Coates, University Archives Associate (University of Florida)

Public visits also make up a critical part of our outreach. With campus closed and social distancing measures likely to remain for the foreseeable future, how do we provide intimate access to our materials and expertise without the audience in the room?

Instruction Track - Zoom Room B

Serving Student Research Needs Through a Self-Enrolling Canvas Course

Presenters: Beth King, Librarian; Courtney Moore, Librarian; Nardia Cumberbatch, Librarian; Adam Johnson, Emerging Technology Librarian; Sarah Dockray, Librarian (Valencia College)

This presentation will discuss the creation of a flexible self-enrolling Canvas course that provides for synchronous and asynchronous instructional opportunities, assessment, and methods for encouraging student engagement through recognition of completion. We will also provide attendees with a candid discussion of our successes and challenges.  

Administration Track - Zoom Room C

10 Fun Ideas to Spice Up Your Virtual Workshops and Meetings and Engage Your Audience

Presenter: Elaina Norlin, Professional Development Coordinator, Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL)

Engaging presentations can make us laugh, help us understand the subject matter and, most of all, serve as inspiration to take action. This does not happen overnight, but with practice we can tweak our content engagement strategies to make sure our message is being heard. During this webinar, I’m going to talk about 10 scientific backed techniques to boost your content and increase audience interest. These following ideas are designed to enhance your virtual presentations to transform it from a passive experience to an actively engaged and collaborative one.

Presentation Session 4

Outreach Track - Zoom Room A

Together Apart: Library Social Media Outreach during times of "Social Distance"

Presenter: Zohra Saulat, Information Literacy Librarian (California State University, Chico) and Laura Rocco, Outreach and Student Engagement Librarian (California State University, Stanislaus)

In this presentation, two academic librarians will discuss their respective experiences with social media outreach during the COVID19 pandemic. Creating virtual engagement campaigns, building community online, and assessing social media impact will be covered. Particular focus will be given to Instagram. Attendees will increase their knowledge of social media best practices and gain new strategies to demonstrate the value of their own libraries.

Instruction Track - Zoom Room B

Embedding Accessibility in Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Environments

Presenters: Rachel Fager, Cataloging & Metadata Librarian (Saint Joseph’s University) and Lauren Wittek, User Experience & Assessment Librarian (Central Washington University)

After the sudden pivot to virtual learning, now is the time to reflect on how to improve. Participants will learn about common barriers experienced by people living with disabilities, ideas and resources for overcoming barriers for synchronous/asynchronous sessions, and identify ways to become leaders for accessibility on their campuses.

Administration Track - Zoom Room C

Navigating Fair Use in the era of COVID: Case Studies in Course Reserves and Streaming Media

Presenter: Dave Rodriguez (he/him), Resident Media Librarian (Florida State University)

This session will provide an overview of two service workflows at FSU Libraries related to print-based course reserves and streaming media, respectively. Pertinent legal issues and step-by-step workflows informed by these issues will be presented so that the material can be applied or adapted at other institutions.

Lightning Round Session

Lightning Round Presentations - Zoom Room A

Tips for Success: Virtual Instruction Delivery - Data analysis and Visualization Workshops

Presenter: Thilani Samarakoon, Biomedical Data Librarian (University of Miami)

Historically, these workshops were conducted in a collaborative lab setting with students following the script along with the instructor. But the COVID-19 concerns forced us to move the workshops online. How did we alter our workshop material and teaching methodologies to deliver the content to the students effectively? How did we minimize the distractions for the students while keeping them engaged? This short presentation will talk about tips for successfully conducting workshops via zoom.

What's Your COVID-19 Story?: Archiving and Sharing the Pandemic Experience

Presenter: Christopher J. Levesque, Online Outreach Coordinator (University of West Florida)

This presentation focuses on the challenges inherent in developing the project and lessons learned in attempting to conduct outreach after most students and staff have left the campus. It will also address plans to continue the project as campuses reopen during the Fall 2020 semester.

Taking student work online: How UWF Libraries converted to remote work for their student workers

Presenters: Sarah Smith, Student Manager, and Michelle Finley, Head of Circulation (University of West Florida)

How UWF Libraries converted to remote work for their student workers that engaged the students in professional development as well as current events, their field of study, the library, and to reflect and evaluate their time working at the library and attending the university.

Virtual Class Visits to Archives & Special Collections

Presenters: Summer Shetenhelm, Digital Collections & Scholarship Librarian, and Kelci Baughman McDowell, Research & Instruction Services Coordinator (Santa Clara University)

In response to the switch to online classes, Santa Clara University Archives & Special Collections developed multiple ways to facilitate class “visits” and encourage student scholarship. In this session, attendees will learn about how they can incorporate their Archives & Special Collections materials into online learning sessions.

Mitigating Virtual Meeting Fatigue During the New Normal

Presenter: Dhanushka Samarakoon, Head of Library Technology (University of Miami)

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