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  • 08 Sep 2022 10:24 AM | FACRL Communications (Administrator)

    FACRL 22 opening keynote announcement graphic

    We are pleased to announce that the opening speaker for the FACRL 2022 Annual Conference (virtual) will be Dr. John Burgess, from the University of Alabama School of Information! 

    Dr. Burgess’ research focuses on moral reasoning and sustainability ethics for library and information science professionals. He teaches courses in areas of information ethics, academic librarianship and information literacy and is active in several information ethics and policy related special interest groups. His keynote address will focus on moral reasoning skills in the prevention of vocational awe and burnout in academic libraries. Don't miss this important and highly relevant talk by registering for the conference today!

  • 07 Sep 2022 9:26 AM | FACRL Communications (Administrator)

    We are excited to announce that registration for the FACRL 2022 Annual Conference (virtual) is now OPEN!  This year's conference will be focused on Information Ethics & Access.  Information access is one of the cornerstone values of the library profession. How do libraries facilitate equitable and ethical access to different types of information? How can we as library staff help overcome internal and external barriers to information access? This year's program encourages librarians and library staff to explore, share, and discuss different aspects of information access and ethics.

    This year's conference will include:

    • an opening keynote address by Dr. John T. F. Burgess, Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama’s School of Library and Information Studies
    • live presentations 
    • an interactive poster session 
    • and more!

    FACRL 2022 Annual Conference Details 

    Conference Date: Friday, October 21st, 2022, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    Location: Online via ZOOM - attend and participate from wherever you are!

    Conference Website: https://facrl.wildapricot.org/Annual-Conference

    Registration Information:  

    • FACRL Members: $0 (Free registration)
    • Out-of-State OR Non-FACRL Members: $15 (conference only)
    • Non-FACRL Members: $30 (includes a 1-year FACRL membership)
    • Presenters: $0 (free registration with code - to be provided) 


    Register Now

  • 10 Aug 2022 12:58 AM | FACRL Communications (Administrator)

    student scholarships

    Apply now for one of the student scholarships to attend the 2022 FACRL Annual Conference, “Information Ethics & Access.”  The conference will take place virtually on Friday, October 21, 2022. Two scholarship winners will receive an educational grant and complimentary registration to the conference. 

    Application deadline:  August 31, 2022.  Winners will be notified on or before Wednesday, September 14th, 2022.

    Don't Delay! Apply Today!  

    Questions? Please contact Ava Brillat, FACRL Scholarship Chair at abrillat@miami.edu

  • 04 Feb 2022 11:59 PM | FACRL Communications (Administrator)

    Florida Association of College & Research Libraries (FACRL) condemns the threats of racial violence and the terror they are intended to inspire at Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs). Our state’s four HBCUs - Bethune-Cookman UniversityEdward Waters UniversityFlorida A&M University, and Florida Memorial University - serve and employ thousands of Floridians. We commit our solidarity to the HBCU community of scholars and educators, and stand in opposition to acts of terror that threaten the physical and psychological safety and lives of our fellow Florida higher education community. FACRL’s membership reflects the racial and ethnic diversity of our state and we grow in our representation as we stand with and support our HBCU institutions.

  • 22 Oct 2021 11:59 PM | FACRL Communications (Administrator)

    FACRL would like to acknowledge and honor the indigenous communities upon which Florida and its colleges, universities, and institutions now sit. We recognize that our state has been built on the homelands and resources of the Calusa, Cuchiyaga, Miccosukee, Muscogee, Seminole, Taino, Tequesta, Timucua, and Tocobaga peoples. Thus, we acknowledge the heritage of these tribes as we honor the resilience of the nations indigenous to the state of Florida.   

    We recognize the history of genocide and forced removal of indigenous people from their territory, and the painful legacy these acts have left upon our community and among the indigenous peoples still connected to this state. We honor and respect their continued relationship to the land, and we call upon our community to reflect upon the past and learn how to be better stewards of the soil and water upon which our state rests. Acknowledging our indigenous and native neighbors is only a small part of what we can do to honor them. We must amplify their voices in our collections, programs, and activities at work and in our lives. Indigenous and native peoples and communities do not only exist in the history of Florida; they exist in the present and will exist in the future of Florida as well. In this acknowledgment, we honor the memory and history of Florida’s indigenous communities as defenders and stewards of the land upon which we all now live, work, and play. 

    For more information on Florida’s indigenous communities, please visit the following sites:

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calusa (Calusa)
    http://www.keyshistory.org/histindians.html (Cuchiyayga)
    https://www.miccosukee.com/history (Miccosukee)
    http://www.mnoffl.com/ (Muscogee)
    https://www.semtribe.com/stof (Seminole)
    https://www.uctp.org/ (Taino)
    http://www.hartford-hwp.com/Timucua/ (Timucua)
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tequesta (Tequesta)
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tocobaga (Tocobaga)

  • 24 Jun 2021 12:00 AM | FACRL Communications (Administrator)

    FACRL stands with the Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA) and other organizations that condemn violence and racism aimed at Black people and communities of color.

    FACRL’s Board of Directors denounces the deaths of Black people at the hands of law enforcement, among them George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others who were targeted because of their race. The Board asks members of the Florida library community to recognize, acknowledge, and work in solidarity to eradicate systemic racism. Ignoring the threats of racism serves not only as a barrier to equality for citizens and residents of our country but ensures that the violence associated with racism remains unchecked and continues to spread within our borders and beyond.

    In addition to fighting racism, FACRL is committed to enhancing the diversity of its leadership by creating a more inclusive Board of Directors. To that end, the FACRL Board of Directors  pledges to make diverse representation and inclusivity a priority, and will actively seek out Black members and people of color to run for leadership roles for upcoming elections and to fill chair positions.

    The fight against racism is important. We must do better; and starting now FACRL commits to be engaged and vocal in the fight.

  • 07 Apr 2021 10:00 AM | Guy Cicinelli

    Building Data Services Workshop Series: An Interactive Conversation

    April 15, 2021, Thursday, 1:00 pm -  2:00 pm

    Cameron Riopelle, University of Miami

    Registration: https://fla.memberclicks.net/fla-facrl-riopelle 

  • 09 Mar 2021 3:42 PM | Guy Cicinelli

    Please join us for the next webinar hosted by FLA and FACRL!

    Register at: https://fla.memberclicks.net/fla-facrl-klein

    March 11, 2021, Thursday, 11:00 am -  12:00 pm

    Jesse Klein, Florida State University

    TitleIntroduction to Date Visualization Using Tableau Public

    Description: Tableau is a popular and marketable data visualization tool that faculty and students request training for regularly. In this hands-on workshop, attendees will learn introductory data visualization principles and how they are used to describe, analyze, and communicate data. Using Tableau Public, a free version of the tool, this workshop proceeds with a tour of the Tableau interface, connecting to an example data set, creating a few visualizations, and then pulling those visualizations together to make a dashboard. In closing, attendees will learn where to find resources for subsequent practice and learning. 

    Sign up today!

  • 28 Jan 2021 4:16 PM | Guy Cicinelli

    The first webinar in the new FLA/FACRL Webinar Series is coming up on Thursday, February 18 from 1:00pm - 2:00pm.

    Title: Correlation does not equal Causality: Data Literacy for Everyone
    Speaker: Nick Ruhs, Florida State University
    Registration: https://fla.memberclicks.net/fla-facrl-ruhs

    Description: With the vast amount of statistics and infographics now available at the touch of a finger or click of a mouse, it is often difficult to determine which ones offer an accurate representation of a topic. This interactive workshop will provide an overview of data literacy and reproducibility concepts, and will outline various strategies for determining the integrity and authenticity of data that one might come across in a research article, on social media, or in the news. The overall aim of this session is to give attendees the knowledge needed to determine the purpose for which statistical and pictorial data is being used and whether conclusions using the data are sound. 

    Click here to see the entire FLA/FACRL Webinar Series schedule

  • 20 Jan 2021 4:53 PM | Guy Cicinelli

    Please join us for the the webinar series hosted by FLA and FACRL!

    Each episode in the series is related to data services in academic libraries.

    FACRL members can use the discount code FREE4FACRL for a discount on the entire series!  Please do not share the code with non-FACRL members.

    Click here for the FLA/FACRL Webinar Series Flyer

    February 18 --

    Correlation Does Not Equal Causality: Data Literacy for Everyone
    February 18, 2021, Thursday, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
    Nick Ruhs, Florida State University
    Registration Link: https://fla.memberclicks.net/fla-facrl-ruhs 

    March 11 --

    Introduction to Data Visualization Using Tableau Public
    March 11, 2021, Thursday, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
    Jesse Klein, Florida State University
    Registration Link: https://fla.memberclicks.net/fla-facrl-klein

    April 15 --

    Building Data Services Workshop Series: An Interactive Conversation
    April 15, 2021, Thursday, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
    Cameron Riopelle, University of Miami
    Registration Link: https://fla.memberclicks.net/fla-facrl-riopelle 

    August 19 --

    Data Visualization for the Collective: Developing a Dashboard for Florida Academic Library Assessment
    August 19, 2021, Thursday, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
    Tammera Race, New College of Florida
    Registration Link: https://fla.memberclicks.net/fla-facrl-race

    September 16 --

    Developing Data Management Support at UF
    September 16, 2021, Thursday, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
    Plato Smith, University of Florida
    Registration Link: https://fla.memberclicks.net/fla-facrl-smith

    For more information and episode descriptions, visit the webinar series page at: https://fla.memberclicks.net/fla-facrl-webinar-series

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